Marcellino’s Custom Catering

Marcellino’s Custom Catering offers all of your favorite Fat Ricky’s dishes as well as some additional options to create the perfect menu for your next celebration or meeting. We offer both delivery and pick up options.

Download our catering menus here:

Marcellino's Menu

Individually Packaged Menu

Marcellino's Custom Catering

Fresh Cut Seasonal Vegetable Assortment

Served with our homemade buttermilk Ranch

<div class="innerp"><span>Small, serves 12-18</span>$24.99</div><div class="innerp"><span>Large, serves 25-30</span>$44.99</div>
Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit Tray

Assorted fresh seasonal fruits attractively displayed

<div class="innerp"><span>Small, serves 12-18</span>$27.99</div><div class="innerp"><span>Large, serves 25-30</span>$44.99</div>
Assorted Cheese Platter

Mixed cubed cheese accompanied by table crackers

<div class="innerp"><span>Small, serves 25</span>$37.00</div><div class="innerp"><span>Large, serves 45</span>$66.00</div>
Antipasto Platter

Imported Italian classics such as Cappicola, Volpi Salami, Mortadella, Provolone and Fontinella Cheeses garnished with black olives, roasted peppers and pepperoncini

Fresh Baked Table Bread for $3.95 per loaf serving 12

<div class="innerp"><span>Large, serves 35-40</span>$73.50</div>
Bruschetta Platter

Fresh diced organic roma tomatoes tossed with fresh garlic, fresh basil, spices and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) served with garlic toast points

<div class="innerp"><span>Large tray serves 25-30</span>$48.00</div>
Pinwheel Assortment Platter

Roasted Vegetables and Fresh Mozzarella with Balsamic vinaigrette Black Forest Ham, American Cheese, Honey Mustard Mesquite Turkey Breast, Imported Swiss, Herb Mayonnaise

<div class="innerp"><span>36 pc. platter</span>$42.75</div>
Sliced Meat Platter

Allow your guests to build their own sandwiches

Black Forest Ham, Butterball Mesquite Roasted Turkey Breast, Volpi Salami, Thin Roast Beef.

Arranged attractively on a platter with mustard & real mayonnaise on the side.

<div class="innerp"><span>Small (4lbs.) serves up to 20</span>$43.00</div><div class="innerp"><span>Large (8-9 lbs.) serves up to 40</span>$79.00</div>
Assorted Piccolo Fresh Baked Rolls

per doz.